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Komodo provides schools with a proactive, tailored solution that improves wellbeing, school-wide.

The evidence-based  approach to school wellbeing.


Komodo is the complete, wrap-around software and service solution that makes student wellbeing visible through a variety of innovative tools and practices.


We enable senior leadership to build the best wellbeing strategiesmeasure their effectiveness and create the best possible environment for students.


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Every school is unique.

Your wellbeing solution should be as unique as your school. We take the time to understand your school's values, wellbeing framework, challenges.

From there, we deliver a tailored software solution that fits your school's wellbeing needs, that enables you to build an environment in which every student thrives.


Set your school apart.

Give EVERY student a voice when they need it most.

Empower your staff by taking the guesswork out of wellbeing with data-driven insights​.

Provide your parents with peace of mind, with the only platform that facilitates proactivity.​



We are excited to introduce such a powerful, proactive solution for tracking students’ wellbeing to all our member schools. We have a shared vision with Komodo to provide every student the opportunity to prosper, both in school and in life.

- Richard Stokes, CEO

Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA)


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Begin the important conversations. Make the crucial interventions. All backed by data.


Real-time, actionable data

All data collected becomes a powerful insight and recommendation that is acted upon in real time, reducing the occurrence of serious wellbeing issues.

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The complete picture

Make intuition redundant. Custom reports provide visibility across all of your students, houses, year groups, driving data-backed wellbeing strategies.


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