Data Engineer/Scientist - Internship

Christchurch, NZ

Full-time, 10-week Internship based in Christchurch, NZ

About us


At Komodo, we are on a mission to ensure every school is a place in which everyone thrives. We work with the most inspiring schools across the globe to enable them with a wellbeing-first approach. Our goal is to provide schools with the most innovative wellbeing solutions, help them implement the best mental health practices and support students on their wellbeing journey. Our software offers clear, actionable insights into student wellbeing, enabling staff to make positive and proactive interventions. Our data-driven platform also empowers students by promoting their voice and providing them with a safe place to request assistance from their trusted staff. The work we do daily, whether it be the code we write, the customer support we provide or the psychological science embedded within our product, it all goes towards preventing a child from being bullied, highlighting someone in need of academic help or making a school a safer, happier place for all. This is what drives us.



The project's main goal is to demonstrate how NLP (Natural Language Processing) can be introduced into Komodo’s toolset for wellbeing improvement and general student care. As part of the team, you will be required to:

  • Write clean and maintainable code that follows best practices;
  • Take over responsibilities in the application as an active member of the team;
  • Run a theoretical investigation of viable technologies and tools and practically demonstrate their validity.

To apply for the role, you must have the following previous experience:

  • Relevant experience in Python. Experience with libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Pytorch, and Tensorflow might be handy. They are not all required, but a good mix of them will be useful.
  • Ability to read through an SDK/library/project and determine its suitability for the project.

It is beneficial (but not essential) for you to already have had experience with:

  • Bringing a project from development to production;
  • RESTful and/or GraphQL API development.

The best way to show this to us is with an academic or side project you worked on.

Tips for Application Success:

  • We are a startup and we move fast. Practical experience and the ability to think on your feet will be an advantage;
  • Do you have a GitHub account with cool projects in it? Do not forget to mention it in your CV and wherever else possible! You do not want that to go unseen;
  • Are you passionate about anything else outside of software? Let us know! It’s a great way to show us who you are.



At Komodo we can provide a unique environment where no two days will be the same, you'll be inspired to achieve the impossible and you're always guaranteed to have fun. This is a fantastic opportunity for a current student or graduate to step into a team where your creativity will be encouraged, there won't be a limit to the ownership and responsibility you can choose to take on and we'll support your growth at all times. For the right individuals there is also the opportunity to join the team on a permanent basis.


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