Managing student stress - understanding the window of tolerance


When heading into exams and final assessments, students are often affected by the stress response, also known as the fight or flight response. This usually triggers stress, mood changes and anxiety and can affect their learning, mental and physical health.

So how can school staff help prevent, reduce and/or regulate the stress response triggered by exams and assessments?

This seminar will explore the difficulty of managing stress and the impact it can have on student wellbeing and learning capacity.

Our psychologist will provide an explanation of the mind-body connection of the stress response, introduce the concept of a window of tolerance and then focus on interactive exercises that can provide attendees with practical strategies to regulate the imbalance created by stress.


Join Ilia!

Join Ilia Lindsay, Komodo Psychology Lead, Registered Psychologist on Wednesday 1st June at ISNZ event for our 60min seminar.

This seminar has been created to suit the learning needs and settings of Independent Schools of New Zealand and will be held at InterContinental Hotel in Wellington for ISNZ members.

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