Supporting students through uncertain times

Youtube webinar

Webinar created for member schools of our partner ABSA

Friday 25th February 2022, 11am AEST - 2pm NZT

As we know from the research, mental health of youth has declined in the past decade and this is evident both in global and home-grown research across Australasia.

We also know that we are still living in a global pandemic with different countries and different states within countries handling things differently. Not only do we see differences in how leaders are navigating the pandemic but there is constant uncertainty. Procedures and protocols today may change tomorrow or next week. Isolation rules continue to change, borders open and close. All we can be certain of is that this is an uncertain time.

So what can we do to support our students through this uncertain time?

One of the ways we do this, is mindfulness. Mindfulness is about paying attention in a particular way, on purpose in the present moment without judgement. It is the anchor to the present moment rather than letting our thoughts race too far forward or dwelling too far in the past.

When we are mindful we are better able to balance our emotions with logic which enables us to act with acceptance and openness when faced with new and ever-changing stations.

There are many ways we can incorporate mindfulness into our everyday routines whether at school or learning from home.

Would you like to learn more and explore how to support your students with mindfulness strategies?

Join Ilia Lindsay, Komodo Psychology Lead, Registered Psychologist & Jessica Caldwell, Registered Psychologist on Friday 25th Feb at 11 am AEST for our 60min webinar. Together Ilia and Jess will explore how mindfulness can support students during uncertain times and how educators can teach and encourage mindfulness practice.

This webinar resource has been created to suit the learning needs and settings of boarding school members of the Australian Boarding Schools Association and will run on Livestorm for ABSA members. You can watch the webinar recording on Komodo's YouTube channel at this link: