Introducing the new standard in student wellbeing. Komodo is the ultimate tool for boarding staff to proactively care for boarder health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Monitoring

Enable transparency in your boarding environment and protect boarders from wellbeing concerns before they arise.​

Monitor physical and mental health​​ to ensure every boarder receives the best support and care.

Intuitive Dashboards

Clear, intuitive dashboards provide all the necessary pastoral care information in a centralised location.


Ease of use ensures value is gained from day 1.

Communications Feed

Provide all boarders with a voice when they need it most, and boarding staff with a seamless communication channel to provide instant support to all boarders.

Illness reported

Yesterday at 4:30 PM

New wellness comment

Today at 09:15 AM


Intervention Insights

Crucial insights enable boarding staff to make the best decisions and interventions regarding boarder wellbeing, before the issues do damage.

Web & Mobile Apps

Available for boarding staff and boarders, our mobile and web applications enable the right tools for desktop viewing as well as on-the-go access to crucial health and wellbeing insights.

Data Security

Encrypted Database

All data is stored in an industry-standard, encrypted database for maximal security.

GDPR Compliant

We comply to the best global standards in data protection and privacy.

Data Privacy

Boarders can only see their own data, and not that of their peers.


Christchurch, New Zealand

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