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St Paul's Collegiate School

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Komodo Monitr is the wellbeing conversation starter St Paul's has been searching for. Komodo provides us with insight into our boarders' wellbeing that is otherwise hidden, often behind the uncomfortable nature of teenagers talking openly about their feelings and emotions.


Komodo enabled a mutual understanding between boarder and housemaster, and provides all boarders with a voice to be heard. Komodo has helped to build foundations of deep trust and respect, and contributes greatly to a successful transition into boarding life for our new year nines in particular.

In addition to this, our parents are assured that St Paul's is being proactive in this ever-changing wellbeing space."

Matthew Holdgate, Housemaster.

King's College

Auckland, New Zealand

"One of the key values of Komodo is the ability to track boarder wellbeing over time, noting changes from their normal patterns. The real-time nature of this means interventions can be timely.


Komodo has provided opportunities to engage boarders in conversations about their own wellbeing, encouraging them to reflect and take action to improve their own state of wellbeing.


Komodo has provoked one-to-one conversations with boarders, encouraging a culture of reflection and action towards self-care when it comes to their own wellbeing. It has also enabled me as a pastoral leader to intervene where necessary to provide care and support to boarders who identify as needing help."

Daniel Rattray, Housemaster.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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