Boarder wellbeing, redefined.

Ensure your boarding school provides the best possible support for boarder mental health & wellbeing.

Making wellbeing visible

Komodo is the easy to use wellbeing platform that enables boarding staff to monitor the mental and physical health of their boarders.

  • Give every boarder a voice when they need it most.

  • Empower boarding staff and take the guesswork out of wellbeing with data-driven conversations.

  • Provide parents with peace of mind with the only boarding platform that facilitates proactivity.

Begin the important conversations. Make the crucial interventions. All backed by real student data.

Mental Health

Gain insight into the stress levels, motivation and mental fatigue of your boarders.

Physical Health

Ensure boarders are energised, hydrated and eating healthily. Students can report symptoms when they are ill.

Social Interaction

Detect bullying and identify those that feel isolated to prevent a negative social environment.

Sleep Quality

Gauge if your boarders are getting enough sleep in those often chaotic dormitories.


Track how boarders are coping with their academic workload throughout the school year.


Be notified when a boarder requires additional academic tuition, personal advice and mental health support. 


"Komodo is the wellbeing conversation starter St Paul's has been searching for. Komodo provides insight into our boarders' wellbeing that is otherwise hidden."

- Matthew Holdgate

Housemaster, St. Paul's Collegiate School

Monitr mobile app

Have you and your boarders downloaded our mobile app yet?


Available for boarding staff and boarders, the Monitr mobile app enables on-the-go access to crucial health and wellbeing insights.

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