"What makes working here so special is that there is a place for everyone to be whoever it is they want to be."

Who we are

Our Komodo team is diverse, exciting, made up of mums, rock climbers, fight club members, gamers, athletics, creatives, comic book lovers, excellent barista’s, surfers, coders,  introverts, extroverts, English, Italian, Irish, Kiwi, Korean and Australians.
Which is what makes working here so special - there is a place for everyone to be whoever it is they want to be.

Why work at Komodo?
We focus on you, and what matters' - honestly, we really do.

Komodo is a place where everyone is welcomed, celebrated and supported. Our culture is evolving all the time, and it only gets better as our team grows - because we truly value and appreciate that great things come from diversity, inclusion, happy employees, challenged employees, employees that feel they can be their authentic self, employees that believe they can do the impossible simply because we are committed to making it possible for them.

Our goal is not to be unique - but to set the standard and raise the bar on what an awesome workplace not only looks like, but what it feels like the moment you walk into our office.

We celebrate the small wins, we celebrate the big wins. We support you and pick you back up during the hard times.

Wellbeing and Growth are the utmost important pillars to everything we do at Komodo - so you are provided with an individual wellbeing and personal development budget to support that.

We eat lunch together everyday, we have a monthly social club, we are a fully flexi workforce, we are an international workforce, we are a dog-friendly office, we do weekly high 5's, we allow a safe space to make mistakes - and then learn from them. But, we are only getting started and this is only just the beginning. So, are you ready to join the team?

Our benefits

Incredible work-life balance

We provide an amazing environment for our people to do their best work, but in the best way that suits each individual.

At Komodo you get to decide how and when you want to work to best suit your lifestyle.
We are a fully flexible company that embraces your individual working style.

Your wellbeing is our top priority

Wellbeing is a priority for all of our team.
We work hard to ensure a state of trust and transparency so you feel constantly supported to be your best.

In addition, we provide you with an annual wellbeing allowance to spend in the way that best supports you taking care of yourself.

We help you grow

Growing our team, whilst growing our company is incredibly important to us. When you succeed, we succeed.

You will be provided with an annual learning and development budget to pursue your own goals alongside weekly check-ins, monthly 1-on-1’s and a personalised development plan as soon as you start with us.

Let’s have fun!

Whilst our team works incredibly hard, we also love to have fun.

Daily group lunches, regular ping pong matches, monthly social club, dedicated social slack channels (group chats are INSANE!), and fortnightly donut/coffee chats with someone new in the team.