We provide schools with the most innovative wellbeing solutions to drive the best care and support for students to thrive.

Our journey

At Komodo, we’re on a mission that we’re pretty honoured to have. We work with the most inspiring schools across the globe to enable them with a wellbeing-first approach.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that every school is a place in which every student flourishes.  

All the work we do on a daily basis contributes to the wellbeing of students - whether it be the code we write, the customer support we provide or the psychology we embed within our product, it all goes toward impacting the lives of young students.
In some instances it prevents a child from being bullied, in others it highlights someone in need of academic support. Overall, our work aims to help schools become a safer, happier place for all.

By ensuring all schools worldwide have access and love for our product, we allow our team the ability to help shape and support the next generation.

The same mission and drive we have for our product is mirrored in how we operate our day-to-day for our people: we are a people-first organisation that focuses on allowing our employees to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves they can be.

Our partners