Embracing a wellbeing-first approach

A school-wide wellbeing solution to best support your unique education environment

Wellbeing Surveys

Benchmark & custom surveys

Use our psychologist-built surveys or build your very own flexible, custom surveys to measure the areas of wellbeing that matter most to your school.

  • Provide every student with the opportunity to voice concerns, provide feedback and reflect on their own wellbeing.
  • Dive deeper into the important areas that affect your school, such as bullying, digital wellbeing, psychological safety, sleep hygiene and more.

Powerful Analytics

Individual, cohort & school-wide analytics

Establish a wellbeing-first approach and leave no student behind with actionable insights into the wellbeing of the whole school, different cohorts and each student.

  • Clear insight into the areas of wellbeing that can be improved to make your school a place in which everyone thrives.
  • Discover exactly which areas of wellbeing your houses, years or classrooms need to provide relevant support.
  • Measure wellbeing and take action to protect and improve it - automated reports to guide wellbeing strategy and achieve international accreditation.

Intelligent Check-in System

Requested & recommended check-ins

Engage in meaningful conversations in the most efficient way with students that need support or ask for help.

  • Komodo will automatically analyse wellbeing insights and produce recommended check-ins, highlighting who needs help and why.
  • Provide students with a safe and confidential way to ask for help, whenever they may need it, with our 'request a check-in' option.

Student Voice

Ensure every voice is heard

Empower and engage students by giving them a voice and having a wellbeing-first approach. Gain insight into the wellbeing of your students to provide the highest quality of support.

  • Students can request additional support or context on their wellbeing through the teacher-student comments’ feed.
  • The platform encourages student engagement and trust to speak up.
  • Student voices are heard, validated and their wellbeing needs met.

Additional Komodo features

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Let us handle account setup and onboarding to save you time.
  • Staff training sessions to help you get the most out of the platform.
  • End-of-term reviews to analyse school data, provide research-based recommendations and guide school strategies.

Psychologist-Created Resources

  • Weaving best psychology practices in the product.
  • Ensuring schools use research-backed, evidence-based approach
  • Supporting schools to understand data trends, strengths & weaknesses for best intervention strategies.
  • Creating educational resources for staff.

Integrations & Single Sign-on

  • We integrate a range of education solutions such as iSams, Wonde, SIMS, Synergetic, KAMAR, Veracross and more.
  • Single sign-on for secure and easy access through Google & Microsoft.

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