Introducing the complete wellbeing solution.

Komodo is the ultimate software solution for your school to proactively ensure student happiness and safety.


Komodo is the wellbeing conversation starter St Paul's has been searching for. Komodo provides us with insight into our students' wellbeing that is otherwise hidden.

- Matthew Holdgate, St Paul's Collegiate School


Making student wellbeing visible

Wellbeing issues are intelligently highlighted and recommendations produced across your various student cohorts.

Profile student wellbeing easier than ever before to ensure your school is a place where everyone is thriving.

Add our team to yours.

When partnering with us, you instantly gain a team that is dedicated to understanding your school's wellbeing needs and goals.

We're with you at every step to provide support, guidance and ideas to assist you in applying the best, modern wellbeing practices.

Transforming your wellbeing strategies and optimising their impact.


We take the time to get to know your school. Through discovery, we understand your staff, frameworks, structures, goals.


We work with you to tailor dashboards, reports, surveys, profiles and more to create a truly unique solution that suits your school.


Measure the effectiveness of your wellbeing strategies to make the adjustments that protect your students and set your school apart.  

A truly unique solution.

Customise the data you collect to suit your school's wellbeing framework and strategies. Build completely custom surveys to collect wellbeing data in real-time.

Custom reports reflect wellbeing trends across individuals, groups, houses, years, to provide strategical insight for pastoral care leaders.


We integrate with a whole variety of education tools such as Synergetic, TASS, SIMS and more to make the management of information easier and provide you with the best Komodo experience possible.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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