Case study: St Paul's College, NSW

Rosa Cirrottola

For this article, we have interviewed Kris Wheeler, Director of Learning in Residence (Boarding) at ,St Paul’s College, a secondary day and boarding school located in New South Wales.

St Paul’s is known as ‘The College of U’ where “U, the student, are central to everything they do, and where parents can trust their children will be provided every possible opportunity to achieve their potential”. At St Paul’s, “nurturing wellbeing matters’, and their choices in terms of wellbeing strategy and tools in the past year have vastly proved so.

kris wheeler and boarders at St Pauls college

From exhausting manual data entry to regular wellbeing data tracking and instant communication between boarders and staff: at St Paul’s College in New South Wales, multiple challenges were standing in the way of their students’ wellbeing, and introducing Komodo helped solve and overcome such obstacles.



Prior to implementing Komodo, Kris had to come up with his own system to personally contact all students every fortnight to gain insights on their level of wellbeing through a dedicated survey. Motivating students to regularly check on their emails and timely send their replies was the biggest struggle. But, unfortunately, not the only one.

Once he’d have managed to get all the answers he was after, collating all the data collected and tracking it over a period of time would be the major issue: he was not able to measure the single individual’s wellbeing throughout each term, as he could only measure the boarding cohort. Also, the system in use would not provide boarders who needed urgent support with a direct channel to voice their concerns.

Kris and the rest of the team at St Paul’s College were looking for a user-friendly platform that would:

  • save them precious time spent manually sending out surveys every fortnight to actually help support students
  • enable boarders to happily engage and express their feelings and thoughts
  • return data in easy-to-reference charts, graphs and diagrams to analyse over regular periods of time for strategic interventions.


Since signing up to Komodo, St Paul’s College has been regularly and effortlessly:

  • surveying students on a weekly basis
  • checking on all the data on the next day
  • timely intervening with boarders in need
  • getting immediate staff check-in requests by students in need
  • accessing students’ wellbeing data at any time.


Kris Wheeler has shared his feedback on their experience with Komodo and explained in what ways our solutions have improved their wellbeing programmes.

Easy to use

“Komodo is very user-friendly, our boarders can use it on their mobile phones and it takes a couple of minutes for them to complete the survey. The library bank of questions makes it easier for me to set surveys and then keep them rolling every week or make changes when needed. Komodo collects and tracks all the boarders responses and I can now see immediately on my phone how a boarder has been tracking in a certain area over a period of time.”

Immediate support

“Boarders can now request an immediate staff check-in if they are struggling or need someone to chat to. Komodo also provides instant communication for boarders to leave comments and staff can also reply to the boarders comments. I have instant data at my hand when I meet with our wellbeing team every week!”

Students engagement

“Students love Komodo as they feel they have a voice, can get a staff member to check-in, and leave a comment on a subject that they feel needs to be expressed. They feel comfortable using it as it is a safe platform to express their emotions.”

Komodo has vastly improved the wellbeing programme in the Boarding House at St Paul’s College, so much so that they are now looking at the possibility of implementing Komodo into their day school wellbeing programme.

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