Case Study: St Paul's Collegiate School

Jack Wood, Komodo Co-Founder & CPO

Name: St Paul's Collegiate School

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Type: Co-educational

Structure: Years 9-13

School Roll: 750

St Paul’s Collegiate School is a co-educational, independent school located in Hamilton, New Zealand. St Paul’s has a reputation for getting the best from its students and for consistently achieving some of New Zealand’s highest academic results.

St Paul’s is also an innovative, wellbeing champion, having implemented excellent pastoral care structures, including their vertical house system and wraparound care services. The school ensures that student wellbeing is made a priority and utilises a Hauora wellbeing model to focus on students’ personal strengths and weaknesses and teaches them emotional intelligence.

The Need:

Most schools survey students once or twice a year to gauge engagement, enjoyment, bullying, wellbeing or to profile character. Whatever it might be, a one-off survey doesn’t provide true visibility or consistent insight into how students are coping throughout the school year.

St Paul’s approached us as they wanted true insight into what the wellbeing of their students looked like on a regular basis. They wanted a way of collecting a variety of data across categories such as sleep, stress, academics, bullying and more. They wanted to use that data to measure and guide their wellbeing strategies and they wanted regular insight into the acute changes of their students wellbeing - given how often students’ moods and stress levels fluctuate.

The Solution:

We provide St Paul’s with a tailored software solution that enables them to build custom, validated surveys. That way, they can collect data that is in line with their wellbeing model and they have complete flexibility over when they push their surveys. They can build a survey for weekly tracking of wellbeing, they can implement a monthly survey to collect bullying data, they can even create a one off survey to gauge a student’s outlook on the school year ahead. The possibilities and combinations are limitless.

In addition to this, our software does the analysis for them. We provide key insights into student and cohort wellbeing, strengths and weaknesses. Individual students are also flagged for recommended check-ins, which means staff know which students need extra support and what support is needed.


  • Wellbeing was made visible across the school.
  • An historic record was produced for student wellbeing over time.
  • Staff are able to proactively intercept and act upon wellbeing issues.
  • Positive, timely conversations were started with students around their wellbeing, what they struggle with and how they can improve their happiness and health.

"Komodo is the wellbeing conversation starter St Paul's has been searching for. Komodo provides us with insight into our students' wellbeing that is otherwise hidden..." Read more here.

- Matthew Holdgate, Housemaster