Komodo Product Updates

The Komodo Team


Improved Check-ins

Pastoral notes

Staff members now have the ability to create a pastoral note at an individual level to:

  • Keep track of their progress on the check-in status
  • Include observations they want to share with other staff involved with the same student's wellbeing
  • Add a relevant note that could go lost if written elsewhere

This addition:

  • Allows to add as many open notes as needed
  • Shows the editor name for ease of reference among wider wellbeing team
  • Gives complete flexibility as notes are editable at any time and can also be deleted altogether if no longer needed

Due & followed-up

Check-in lists just got easier to read through. You can now easily see at a glance due check-ins as opposed to those that have been followed up on. This addition:

  • Makes it easier to stay on top of your check-in tasks
  • Ultimately, saves you (precious) time

Revamped check-in feed

Some check-ins may require more timely attention than others, so we've added colour-coded icons to help you distinguish between the single tiles. This update:

  • Makes it easier to scroll through individual feeds
  • Allows to quickly visualise the nature of each check-in

Staff home dashboard: a comprehensive view

School admins and housemasters managing multiple students' groups can now see to which year and specific group each student belongs to on the staff home dashboard. This feature includes:

  • Year tags
  • Group icons showing all groups each student is in